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I live to give reviews! I look for the truth and definitely do not withhold anything that I find! If I am looking you better beware! I am going to give the real information about goods and services that you have always wanted to know about.  No need to venture any farther for the nitty gritty of everyday goods and services.

Local Carpet Cleaning Service

There are a ton of carpet cleaning and other cleaning services around.  But how do you really know what you are getting.  I have paid people my hard earned money before only to see stains and dirty carpet.

What are you looking for in a carpet cleaning service?

Chem Dry or Steam clean?

Who the heck knows but if if service provider doesn’t know than you should not be paying them.  Most legit  carpet cleaning companies will have plenty of cleaning options.

It really it a a pretty good deal. Many will offer a little better deal if you book several rooms at once.  Keep an eye out because many companies will offer 3 room specials.  This a trip wire to get you in the door but hey take advantage while you can.


If these folks show up with a grocery store rug doctor….. probably a bad sign.  A little common sense can tell you when they pull up if they have the equipment and know how to do a good job.

Carpet cleaning van 4

Only book with the folks that offer a guarantee.  If the stains are “gone” than you will know in a few days.  Even in tile and grout it takes a few days for grease and oil based stains to reappear if they are not gone.

Well i hope this helps but it really is worth it once a year or so.  It feels so good to walk bare foot on clean healthy carpet.  None want to live in a filthy house but make sure call the correct carpet cleaning service because there are definitely dome rackets out there.

Lavish Limos

Check this out. We are going to be reviewing a regional limo company I used recently for a corporate event.  So you have got to be wondering why try them out  when the stakes are so high.

Well you see, I am the kind of person that likes to jump the heck in.  There is no such thing as dipping my toe in the water.  Its all or nothing.  You feel me.

That kind of attitude is the reason you are still reading.

So, first things first.  They were great over the phone as they should have been if they wanted to earn a buck.  Booking went really smooth.

Don’t know if it was a sales tactic or not but they threw  in complementary refreshments. Hey, I was excited… hard to turn down a free snack.

Let me back up a little.  We were booking an evening for a corporate Christmas party.  So the stakes were pretty high.  Not something you wanted to drop the ball on.  Well at least not for me anyway.

So we booked an 18 passenger hummer limo.  It was new and updated.  Nothing out the the ordinary or special as far as the exterior pretty standard for anything you see running up and down the strip.

However, I was stoked when I stepped in the inside.  They had a killer stereo that we had blaring pretty load  on the ride home after a couple of cervesas. Leds and the whole vibe of the interior was awesome.  They had definitely spent a dollar on the customization of the interior  on that sucker.

Stretch limousine interior

So we had made a pretty good impression by this point of the trip with the group.

Driver was awesome,  He was way laid back and was happy to offer input and help us out with anything we wanted.  It was definitely a class act as far I was concerned.  We had booked the limo for 4 hours and ran over about 40 minutes.  The owner was awesome and didn’t charge us for the overage.   We will definitely be booking with them again.  So in my book. I will definitely be giving these folks a call again .

I have already given them a call for a Christmas light tour.  We booked a luxury Sedan for dinner and  a tour of the lake and local Christmas light tour for the wife and I.  If the service is anywhere close to the first experience with them ,the bar is set pretty high.

I normally don’t give rave reviews  of something but in this case I can happily give my stamp of approval.

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I am going to give the real information about goods and services that you have always wanted to know about.  No need to venture any farther for the nitty gritty of everyday goods and services.

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